DUI Lawyer Melbourne | Facts of Drink or Drug Driving Offences

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DUI Lawyer Melbourne

Drink Driving Defence Melbourne take drink driving matters very seriously as it is not only dangerous to themselves, but also to other road users and society as well.  There are several factors that determine the seriousness of the drink driving offence including alcohol level in your bloodstream when accident occurred, breath test, whether it was the first time or you are a repeated offender and some other factors like speed and narcotics etc are involved.  Additionally, prison could be given if convicted.

If you have to appear in court, it is advisable to seek professional legal help immediately. Specialised DUI Lawyer Melbourne along with his team is well- equipped to resolve your matter.

Drink Driving:

In Melbourne, the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit is limited to 0.00% for learner, probationary drivers and professional drivers whereas it is 0.05% for all other drivers. Further, for repeated offenders it is 0.00%.

For first time offenders, an infringement notice may be issued and depending on the BAC level, you may be summoned to appear in the Court. For repeated offenders, the law becomes strict. When you are charged for a subsequent drink driving offence, you are liable to larger fines and even imprisonment. Additionally, for repeated offenders with a BAC limit less than 0.05 but more than 0.00, the same rule applies.

Drug Driving:

Under section 49 of the Road Safety Act, it is stated as an offence, to drive a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol no matter if you are capable enough to drive or not.  Under section 55A, saliva sample can be taken by the police. And, if you refuse it is an offence under section 55D. If sample result comes out positive, an infringement notice may be issued and probably you will be summoned to appear in court.

If you are facing drink driving or drug driving court issues, it is vital that you contact DUI Lawyer Melbourne immediately. It would be better to get legal help as soon as possible.

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