Drug Driving Melbourne

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If you have you been charged with drug driving Melbourne? Authorities will take this just as seriously as they do drink driving. Drug driving is a serious offence.

However there are many permutations and outcomes from any given set of circumstances and it is important if you find your self in a drug driving related situation that you find out exactly what your rights are.

Specific categories of drug driving charges will need to be managed differently and for that there is no better way than allowing a drug driving lawyer in Melbourne to handle your own situation. If you are looking to protect yourself against wrongful accusations, or minimise the impact of a negative outcome then you would be well set to contact an experienced Australian drug driving lawyer to help you through this situation.

The law can quickly become very complex in respect to drug driving and in general, those people facing charges, court, fines and possible time in prison, would be best to have a professional look after their case.

The law relating to the offence, potential defences, and the maximum penalty for the drug driving Melbourne charge though severe also have interpretive elements that a professional legal team will best know how to handle.

Here is a list of some of the more common drug driving charges:

  • Drive While Impaired By Drugs
  • Driving Under the Influence of Any Drug (DUI)
  • Exceed Prescribed Concentration of Drugs
  • Refusal to take a Breath Test
  • Refusal to take a Drug Test
  • Refusal to Give Blood or Urine Sample
  • Refusal to Provide a Further Sample
  • Refuse to Provide Oral Fluid

If you have been charged with a drug driving offence and require advice or representation, please contact us immediately by calling one of our specialist drug driving lawyers.

Here is a list of common drugs implicated in drug driving cases in Melbourne and the State of Victoria.

  1. Cannabis
  2. Methamphetamines (powder, base and crystal)
  3. Cocaine
  4. Ecstasy
  5. LSD/hallucinogenics (acid, psilocybin, magic mushrooms)
  6. Ketamine (Special K)
  7. Heroin
  8. GHB-type substance (GHB, GBL,1,4b)
  9. Prescription stimulants (Dexamphetamine, Ritalin, ephedrine)
  10. Benzodiazepines (Valium, Serapax, Temazepam)
  11. Analgesics (morphine, codeine)

Drug Driving Melbourne

Drug Driving Melbourne

Here are a couple of examples of two of these drugs and the affect they can have on a driver:

Cannabis is the most frequent drug associated with drug driving Melbourne has to deal with. Cannabis slows reactions and affects concentration levels with its sedative-like effect which can result in fatigue and consequently affect co-ordination. Research by Transport Research Laboratory using driver simulators has found cannabis can reduce steering accuracy as well as reduce reaction times to other drivers pulling out.

Ecstasy or MDMA is know to increase heart rate. Often this will lead to a surge of adrenaline and with that can come a feeling of over-confidence and risk taking. Further negative impacts can come from anxiety, panic attacks, confused episodes, paranoia or even psychosis. Needless to say these all have negative impacts on drivers and driving quality.
As Drug Driving Melbourne Solicitors we are at the cutting edge of driving law and have specific skill and experience in managing drug driving cases. We can save drivers from endorsement or disqualification from driving when they are accused of drug motoring offences.

Drug driving is driving with excess drugs in the blood. The laws around drug driving in Victoria are in their relative infancy. Typically this means that the procedures for obtaining and analysing samples of blood for drugs are sometime not followed correctly. In these cases the possibility of a not guilty verdict becomes more likely.

The really pertinent point is that the new offence of drug driving can criminalise drivers who are law-abiding. A driver can find himself or herself on the wrong side of a charge of ‘driving above the prescribed limit’ when they have used medication entirely legitimately and when their driving has been of an excellent standard.

So it is certainly the case that a charge of drug driving does not necessarily mean a conviction for drug driving. Our lawyers provide exceptional levels of support to all of our clients. You can be sure that during a time that can be very stressful, we will be there to support you and to manage your drug driving Melbourne case quickly and efficiently to get you a favourable outcome.

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