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Drink Driving Lawyer Melbourne

Are you looking for a drink driving lawyer in Melbourne? The team at Drink Driving Defence Melbourne can help you.

If you have a date set for a court appearance in the greater Melbourne Region, then we have a lawyer ready to represent you on your drink driving charge. Delivering great results, with honest and upfront pricing, we are willing and able to ease your burden today.

Drink Driving Defence Melbourne are your number one choice for obtaining fixed fee legal representation.

As exclusive partners with one of the best criminal defence and drink driving lawyers in Australia, Dib & Associates, we offer unparalleled services for people who have been charged with drink driving and criminal offences in Melbourne. By doing the ground work ourselves, we are able to significantly reduce your costs on initial administrative fees that you don’t need to be paying legal rates for!

You get expert professional legal representation without the hidden unnecessary fees.

A qualified legal team will provide you with the best advice and representation at court to ensure you get through this difficult time.

Our upfront fees help take away the stress of unknown costs so often associated with getting a lawyer. With Drink Driving Defence, you can have peace of mind, with no surprises.

From only $1,850.00* plus GST, rest assured that the Drink Driving Defence Melbourne team will use all of our experience and resources to get you the best possible result.

This includes telephone consultation and support, plus up to two court appearances, with ongoing advice throughout the proceedings.

If you are facing a DUI, driving charge or any related criminal offence, do not hesitate to call Drink Driving Defence Melbourne now to help ease your burden. Remember – we are on your side – so be sure to tell your drink driving lawyer the complete truth, as this will help us support you the best we can.

How can you get off a drink driving charge?

We do not condone drink driving and we are not here to help you get away with committing an offence, but we certainly do understand that mistakes happen.

There are a number of ways to defend your case by presenting you in the best light to a judge, with consideration to any and all relevant circumstances – even those you might not even think are relevant, but we know could make the vital difference!

Our drink driving lawyer team in Melbourne will do everything in our power to guide you through this difficult time and get you the best result possible.

*Price is subject to assessment and thresholds according to type of charge – inquire to secure your price.