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Receive up to two court appearances from the best specialised drink driving lawyer Melbourne team, to help you get back on the road sooner.

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We understand mistakes happen, talking to Drink Driving Defence Melbourne is your first step in putting this trouble behind you.

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As trusted partners of one of Australia’s proven top criminal law firms, Dib & Associates, we guarantee superior representation without the typical price tag.

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FIXED FEE legal representation from $1,850.00 plus GST, providing you with the best defence team for your traffic matter.

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  • DDD has a competitive edge in that we do not charge you “partner” or “senior associate” level lawyer fees for a paralegal or junior clerk to then do the work
  • The fees you pay gets you superior representation without the unnecessary costs for individual emails, texts, calls or unexpected bills, by cutting out the additional admin work and face-to-face meetings that cost more than they benefit
  • No upfront fees before you find out whether you have a case and which way you want to go
  • We specialize in difficult and technical defences to cases that many other lawyers will not take on or challenge – there are attenders, who will attend, show up, and get the matter over with, and then there are defenders, who will fight for your defence, and look further than just what is presented to them in the facts
  • We will always try and be upfront and honest with you about your case and pride ourselves on building a reputation that is different to the majority of the legal profession – we don’t want you to ever feel that we are only driven by fees; we are driven by satisfaction and ultimately trying to help change a bad situation for individuals who have found themselves suddenly stuck
  • Majority of our preparation work will be done with you over the phone and by email, so you do not have to pay a large hourly fee to meet and discuss your case before you even know if you can proceed
  • Our guarantee is about results and personalized service, we go the extra mile to make sure you feel you got the absolute best possible result for your case, in the circumstances
  • We are reachable 24/7 and will never forget your name or your case – don’t waste your time engaging large conveyor belt law firms who won’t even know who you are when they are speaking to the Magistrate
  • Fixed-fee engagements that include everything from start to finish, and even the benefit of expert advice from one of the best traffic Barrister’s in the industry, who DDD has a close working relationship with
  • We have you covered all the way up the east coast wherever you are in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

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Fixed fee legal representation from only $1,850.00* +GST, just one phone call away, without all the unnecessary admin fees!


The Drink Driving Defence Team approach every case with equal importance, getting you the best possible outcome under the circumstances


Exclusive partners with esteemed criminal law firm Dib & Associates, we can provide you with experienced lawyers knowledgeable in all areas of drink driving, traffic and criminal law


The Drink Driving Defence Team will only engage you with qualified Lawyers registered with the Victorian Law Society and Barristers with Bar Association of Victoria


By using Drink Driving Defence, our unique approach enables admin work to be charged at the rate it should be, whilst gaining representation from one of Australia’s best legal teams.


Melbourne DUI Lawyers will guide you through each step of the legal process, helping to make your day in court as painless as possible.